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In this section you'll hear high-quality finished mixes - some major label, some indie, some live - followed by the isolated Royer-recorded tracks taken from the masters. It's an excellent way (short of putting a ribbon mic up in the studio), to show what ribbons will do for you in the studio and in live venues. A number of the selections include photographs in the recording notes so you can see how the mics were positioned on the very track you're listening to.

One of the greatest strengths of ribbons shows up when it's time to mix. Push up the fader on a ribbon-recorded track and it fits easily into the mix - no fixing, no de-essing, no brittleness to fight. Maybe a little bit of high-pass or an EQ push, but that's usually it. When a recorded instrument sounds natural, like it did in the room when you were tracking it, fitting it into the mix is a much easier job.

Listening to this section through headphones is okay, but if possible, download or order the CD (all AIFF files) and play these tracks through your speakers to get the full sonic experience.



Track List and Recording Notes

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