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Ray Charles Duets Genius Loves Company

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Ray Charles. You almost don't have to say anything else. Singer, pianist, arranger, saxophonist, pop star, R&B star, country star... Genius. Ray single-handedly brought soul music to the world when he blended the gospel music of his youth with pop music in the late 1950's. Music was never the same, for which we owe Ray Charles our eternal gratitude.

In 2003, Ray began working on a CD of duets with a number of his favorite musicians. Released in August 2004, "Genius Love Company" quickly went multi-platinum and won eight Grammys, including Best Album and Best Song, "Here We Go Again" with Norah Jones.

Engineer Terry Howard leaned heavily on Royer ribbons for the sessions, and was kind enough to let us photograph a few of the recording dates.


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BB King Ray Charles and BB King

norah jones Ray Charles and Norah Jones

willie nelson Ray Charles and Willie Nelson