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Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Dirty Dozen

New Orleans' renowned Dirty Dozen Brass Band weathered Hurricane Katrina but paid the price - a number of the band's members lost their homes and possessions. The band decided to remake Marvin Gaye's masterwork What's Going On and have earmarked a percentage of the record's sales for the Tipitina's Foundation.


Ray Charles

Ray Charles

In 2003, Ray began working on a CD of duets with a number of his favorite musicians. Released in August 2004, "Genius Love Company" quickly went multi-platinum and won eight Grammys, including Best Album and Best Song ("Here We Go Again" with Norah Jones).

We were invited to a number of the recording sessions.


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Bruce Swedien

Bruce Swedien

Bruce sat down in the studio to talk a bit about ribbon microphones, good microphone care, and Royer ribbons. Enjoy the MP3s, coming to you from one of the coolest, most respected and successful music engineers ever.


Wailin' Jennys

Wailin Jennys

In September 2004, the Canadian trio The Wailin' Jennys appeared on "Folk Scene" with Roz and Howard Larman, a Los Angeles radio show broadcast on KPFK 90.7 FM. We hear a lot of music at Royer, but this performance was exceptional in its simplicity, beauty, and gorgeous sound. The trio is excellent and the recording of their performance into one microphone, live, with no overdubs (they weren't even wearing headphones!) is an eye-opener.


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Michael Wagener

Chris Louzinger and Mark Miller


Session Photos

Royers In Action

Session Photos invites you into the studio on recording sessions, and on-stage for major live gigs, to see first-hand how people in all walks of music are using Royer ribbon microphones. Here you'll find pictures of major and independent recording sessions, live miking setups, and audio samples of ribbon-recorded music. The sessions run from classical to jazz to pop to bone-crunching rock - chances are excellent you'll learn something that applies directly to your musical work in these pages.

Ongoing sessions:
Session Photos is a work in progress, so check back every once in a while for new sessions. If there's anything you'd like to see that's not here, please email us.

Many of our Session Photos Pages now features video content. Also be sure to check out our Video page for interviews with Bruce Swedien, Ross hoarth and many more.

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