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Vincent Labelle - engineer - 2 R-121's on trombonist Scott Hartman recorded at Yale School of music.

audio"Rochut Etude No. 11"

Scott Hartman on trombone.


Larry "LZ" Sentelle - Laurel, MD

"Thank you all for creating the holy grail of ribbon microphones. The R-122 sounds absolutely incredible on every source we have tried it on so far. Overheads, vocals, bass amps, acoustic guitar, horns and of course electric guitar! You've put the rock back in the roll!"


Francois Grenon - Montreal, Quebec

"Hi, I keep on inventing new ways to abuse my SF12. Last week I tried it at -20C. I used it to record motorcycles and all sorts of loud machines in all kinds of temperature and humidity extremes. This is a very resistant mic (for a ribbon) not to mention the sound... every time I use it I get praise from the sound fx editors. Thank you!"



"Your company rocks my world... Both your products and your customer service makes me smile big smiles. I love my mics and I love the way you deal with your customers. I've had a couple re-ribbonings and each time I've been totally floored by the customer service."


Marco Hoffer - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"I'd like to tell you that your microphone is FANTASTIC AND AMAZING!!! All the engineers of Estudios Mega are using this mic in many applications. I always say hey man, try this mic on overheads, it's fantastic. So they're using it and loving it."


Mark Van Nostrand

"An analogy struck me on the way home from work today about the Royer experience - it's a visual one: It's like having always been used to going to concerts that were lit by bright fluorescent lights hanging over the stage, and then one evening going to a concert that was lit only by large candles placed around/above the stage and throughout the theatre. Yea, that latter image describes my experience in moving to the Royer ribbons. Which concert would most people prefer, the candle-lit concert, of course."


Brent Truitt

"I recently got my hands on a pair of Royer-122's... These are killer mics. I have a very nice collection of vintage Neumann tube mics which I love, but these mics sound so warm and sweet that I find myself reaching for them a bunch. I record and produce a lot of acoustic music and the 122's are great for capturing the true sound of the instrument. I am lovin' the ribbon. Thanks a lot."


Mattias Eklund - Toontrack Music

"First of all, you are our idols; your microphones are just simply the best out there, thanks for making such great products!

'The percussion & Cocktail kit is recorded with the use of three Royer Labs R121's and one SF12, no more. The four main kits use an SF12 as OH and two R121's as ambience mics. The result is GREAT!"


Dave Oconnell - Ireland

"I am a keen amateur engineer specializing in Classical music, Choirs and small ensembles. I recently purchased your SF-24. Thought you might want to hear a sample track from a session I recorded with Colin McClean an up and coming virtuoso student."

audioColin McClean recorded by Dave Oconnell

audioVivaldi - Spring Allegro - Cork Chamber Orchestra conducted by Candace Whitehead rec by Dave Oconnell with a Royer SF-24


Rob DeMar - Hubbardston MA

The day I spent waiting for my two R-121s to arrive was chilly and overcast. The moment they came, the sun broke through the clouds, it warmed to 72 degrees, and my girlfriend called to tell me she was bringing two of her model friends home for a sleepover, at least, that's what it felt like.

Brent Lauzon - Ontario, Canada - R-121 - Acoustic Guitar

"Thank you for existing. I have some great microphones, Gefell, Lawson, etc. that all have their place, but I could find nothing to reproduce what I was hearing from my acoustic guitar. This mic paired up with my Great River ME-1NV was the missing link."


Keith Farrington - UK - SF-24 - Brass

"I've been recording brass bands in the UK for ten years and used a number of different microphones for the principal stereo pair. My initial view after a successful weekend is that there's nothing to touch the SF24. Great sound but totally forgiving."


Greg Metzler - Severn, MD - SF-12 - Orchestra

"I just used the SF-12 to record a youth orchestra concert. After hearing the first playback I got chills. There was all the warmth, realism, depth and clarity that I'd been searching for. Roy Halee once said that there was no excuse for what digital recording does to orchestras, and he may be right, but he never tried digital recording with a Royer ribbon. Thank you Royer for bringing musicality back to recording."


Mike Grande - Staten Island, NY - R-121 - Electric Guitar

"What is funny is I got the sound I wanted the night before my session. Before I left the studio I covered the mic with the supplied cover. I totally forgot it was on the mic and spent four hours doing the session. When it was over I went to break down the amp and saw the cover was still on the mic! Can you believe it? And it sounds AMAZING!"


Jeremy Cucco - Fredericksburg, VA - SF-12 - Orchestra

audioOrchestra with Vocalist Mozart - "Exultate Jubilate"

"The sound I was getting was smooth, detailed, quick, full and completely accurate! Not only that, I was getting a great balance from the sections that are usually too distant. The fact is, I could use this mic alone with this group in this acoustic space and be perfect with nothing left to be desired. The real kicker came when the soprano soloist came out to sing with the orchestra. I felt for sure that I'd have to spot mic her. The resulting sound was again glorious. There will be absolutely no need to spot mic her for this performance."


Alfred B. Grunwell - R-122 - 12 string Acoustic Guitar

"I've been recording classical 12/string steel guitarist Jason Kessler for the past 15 years. We've tried just about every setup imaginable, as Jason really likes a big bold sound - not the typically "polite" approach. With the R122 we've found the ultimate sound- a backwards R122 has just the right balance of warmth, presence and sparkle without harshness, with a tiny bit of fishman transducer blended in for bite."


Chris Stevens - R-121's - Drums

"I've had a pair of 121's for about a year now, and I love 'em. My studio isn't big enough to give me a really good natural reverb (for drums). So, I started leaving the door to the garage open (studio and garage are adjacent), and running a pair of 121's in a blumlein array at the opposite end, with a couple of distressors on 'em. I then delay the ambient track in Pro Tools about 90-100 ms, and raise to taste. WOW! Big drum sound from a small space."


David Mendez - film composer

R-122 front side blended with SM-58 - acoustic guitar
"Oh man! What an amazing microphone! It really is the perfect combo for the Millennia TD-1 and acoustic guitar. It is hard finding that perfect microphone for recording my guitar, but I can now relax and be assured that the R-122 puts a smile on my face."

audio"Deportation"- R-122 front side blended with SM-58 - acoustic guitar


Ben Taylor - Omni Classic Recording

"I was so blown away at the creamy yet detailed sound I was able to get from the R-122s that I can't imagine it getting any better. I placed them in a near coincident pair (not even Blumlein) and both mine and my colleague's jaws dropped at the same time,.....and stayed there for the remainder of the recording."

audioMiami String Quartet - 2 R-122s - Haydn Quartet - OP.64, No.5 recorded by Ben Taylor